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Zero Point Cryogenics at the APS March Meeting 2024: A Week of Physics, Innovation, and Collaboration in Minneapolis

EDMONTON, Mar 20, 2024

Earlier this month, the 2024 APS March Meeting in Minneapolis became a focal point for the global physics community and Zero Point Cryogenics (ZPC) was honoured to take part in the event. Organized by the American Physical Society, the conference, held from March 3rd to 9th, attracted a diverse group of over 12,000 physicists, researchers, and industry experts from around the world to showcase their work, connect with others, and establish new friendships interests and collaborations in physics research. As a proud participant of the event, ZPC, the only Canadian manufacturer of dilution refrigerators and cryostats, showcased our commitment to innovation in cryogenics as an exhibitor. Representatives from our company who attended included ZPC CEO, Chris Cassin, CCO, Elise Usunier, Lead Scientist, Dr. Paul Kim, and Project Lead, Liam Brown.

About the APS March Meeting 2024

The APS March Meeting, held in Minneapolis this year, is one of the largest and most prestigious conferences globally in the field of physics and celebrated a longstanding 125th anniversary in 2024. Through a series of technical sessions, panel discussions, and poster presentations, the APS March Meeting facilitates an exchange of knowledge, fostering collaboration and innovation among the global physics community. This year, the strong focus on advancements in quantum technology research was front and centre! A quantum computer stood fully operational in the centre of the exhibit hall - a first for any conference of its kind.

This year's conference's agenda comprised a wide array of scientific talks on various topics from groundbreaking advancements in 2D materials and topological superconductors, to the exploration of frustrated magnetism and the application of machine learning in quantum physics. The APS Village featured its very own broadcast channel, engaging polls and contests, and served as a great place to meet with community members. Best of all, the local humane society was on-site with multiple puppies up for adoption that attendees could pet and play with and, as expected, the lineup for this service was consistently long!

ZPC at March Meeting

Our week in Minneapolis was busy, fun and informative, offering opportunities for learning at and outside of the conference. Our team engaged with fellow participants, connected with physicists from many parts of the world, spent quality time with suppliers and customers and reunited with industry contacts. Our team was grateful to be invited to fun-filled evening gatherings including the arcade game-filled ‘Resonance’ event and the Quantum Machines Mixer at a local Minneapolis jazz club, Dakota.

In the Exhibition Hall at booth 838, we were busy showcasing our solutions and engaging in insightful discussions with researchers, suppliers, and other manufacturers in the space. We were entertained by well-facilitated APS games, polls, and contests, and all took home what we consider to be excellent and unique APS merch: scientific-themed rubber duckies. Our team was delighted to give away our ZPC-branded merch, including ZPC t-shirts and Canadian 'toques,' to new friends and old, encouraging them to feel like they are a part of our team.

The conference also provided our team with a unique opportunity to explore the vibrant city of Minneapolis. From great dining experiences at local restaurants to walking the Stone Arch Bridge over the Mississippi River, to visiting the giant LEGO jungle animals and superheroes at Mall of America, these moments allowed us to experience Minnesota's warmth and hospitality.

Gratitude and Looking Ahead

Thank you to the American Physical Society for organizing another successful March Meeting and to the state of Minnesota for its hospitality. We are already looking forward to next year's meeting in Anaheim, California.

To our fellow attendees, industry partners, and everyone who stopped by our booth, thank you for making our experience at the APS March Meeting 2024 memorable! Your curiosity, engagement, and shared passion for physics, cryogenics, and all things quantum have left us inspired and motivated. Thank you also to Mitacs Entrepreneurs International who helped make our travel to the event possible.

For those who couldn't make it to the meeting or our booth, we invite you to reach out to us at or visit our website for more information on what we are building and how we can help.

See you in Anaheim in 2025!

Zero Point Cryogenics – Colder for Longer

Zero Point Cryogenics manufactures cryogenic equipment called dilution refrigerators, which are the primary low-temperature platform enabling quantum computing. The company is focused on designing robust and reliable dilution refrigerators and cryostats to enable quantum technology research and innovation. ZPC is the only manufacturer of its kind in Canada and one of the few manufacturers of this technology in the world. The company is actively bridging the gap between customized and commercially scalable solutions, creating flexibility for quantum research and innovation while having the depth to scale. At Zero Point Cryogenics, we improve and iterate our designs based on customer optimization and are driven to build a product that stays colder for longer.

Contact our dedicated experts to discuss your cryogenic needs and visit our website to learn more at


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