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Zero Point Cryogenics Adds a 77 K Cryostat to its Product Line

Zero Point Cryogenics has proudly delivered a reliable and easy-to-use 77 K Cryostat system to the University of Alberta. In the fall, ZPC was approached by the University's undergraduate physics laboratory, which serves the Department of Physics, to replace an aging 77 K cryostat used by senior undergraduate students in their independent laboratory course. In this course, students perform a variety of experiments, including low temperature studies of homemade cuprate superconductors. The goal was to build a reliable and robust cryogenic system to allow these undergraduate students to focus on their data acquisition, instead of the constant frustration of fixing their existing cryostat, with the added constraints of rapid cooldowns and long hold times to work within the class structure. The resulting system exceeded all of these requirements and produced a beautiful cryostat that is easy to use and will last for years to come. At ZPC, we’re confident that this system would make a valuable addition to any research laboratory needing quick cryogenic testing, in addition to undergraduate labs.

Zero Point Cryogenics’ 77K Cryostat

What is ZPC’s 77 K Cryostat?

The guiding principles of our design were to make changing samples or wiring extremely easy, to enable a wide variety of experiments, while avoiding complicated liquid cryogen transfers. We started with an extra large ISO200 flange, housing all of the wiring feedthroughs in addition to a thin-walled stainless steel vessel for the liquid nitrogen. When the flange is removed from the vacuum chamber and inverted it allows easy access to the sample and wiring. When the flange is replaced and sealed to the vacuum chamber it is easy to evacuate with the included scroll pump and wide range pressure gauge. The stainless steel vessel is as easy to fill with liquid nitrogen as pouring a cup of water. We also integrated a precision silicon diode temperature sensor from our friends at Scientific Instruments, along with 12 twisted pairs of DC wiring terminated in a 24-pin connector, both on the base plate of the system. Finally, we included a custom cryogenic sorb, which maintains exquisite vacuum when the system is cold without needing to pump with the external pump. Overall, the system allows students to easily perform a wide variety of cryogenic transport measurements with simple and reliable thermometry. How would you use such a system in your laboratory?

University of Alberta physics student uses the cryostat to measure their homemade cuprate superconductor (Left).150-mm diameter, gold-plated copper sample stage ready for student experiments. Note the integrated Si-diode temperature sensor & sorb for cryo-pumping (Right)

Benefits and Unique Features of ZPC’s 77 K Cryostat

In addition to the core capability of providing a simple to use cryogenic environment, ZPC’s 77 K Cryostat is also:

  • Inexpensive: Our system is priced lower than other cryostats on the market designed for 77 K temperatures. Furthermore, the only consumable is liquid nitrogen, which is relatively inexpensive and widely available. Ask us for a quote!

  • Accessible: ZPC’s 77 K Cryostat is easy to use and easy to maintain.

  • Versatile: With a 150 mm base plate and flexible feedthrough options, this system is perfect for a wide variety of quick turnaround or long hold time cryogenic tests.

  • Stable: The system maintains a constant temperature over long periods of time. This is important for experiments that require consistent conditions to be maintained.

  • Upgradeable: We are happy to discuss upgrades to the system to meet your unique needs. Talk to us about RF coax, fiber optics, free-space optical access, or magnetic shielding.

Zero Point Cryogenics – Colder for Longer

Zero Point Cryogenics designs and manufactures cryogenic equipment including dilution refrigerators, which are the primary low-temperature platform enabling quantum computing. The company is focused on designing robust and reliable cryogenic solutions to enable quantum technology research and innovation. ZPC is the only manufacturer of its kind in Canada, and one of the few manufacturers of this technology in the world. The company is actively bridging the gap between customized and commercially scalable solutions, creating flexibility for quantum research and innovation while having the depth to scale. At Zero Point Cryogenics, we improve and iterate our designs based on customer optimization and are driven to build a product that stays colder for longer.

Contact our team of experts to discuss your cryogenic needs and visit our website to learn more at


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