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Based in the city of Edmonton, Zero Point Cryogenics has been perfecting the design of its dilution refrigerators in an academic lab for the past five years.  With our first two products, the Model I and the Model L, we introduce our robust and easy-to-use Canadian-made dilution refrigerators to the world market.  Our team has over 36 years of combined experience operating and building dilution refrigerators for low-temperature research, giving us demanding expectations for our fridges.  We are confident that you will love our fridges as much as we do, and back this up with lifetime guarantees on every component manufactured by ZPC.  From quantum technology to academic research, we are ready to exceed your expectations and help fuel your innovations. 


Our Technology

The design of our fridges is based on considering the end-user at every point, from an ergonomic design that eases operability, to a fully-automated touch-screen gas handling system that can cooldown at the push of a button.  By building our own advanced machining facility we are able to control the quality of the components that go into our fridges.  Quality is our number one priority, to ensure that our fridges can operate without interruption for as long as you need.  Our fridges will make low temperatures easy to access so that you can focus on your innovations instead of your fridge.


Touchscreen control displays the system specs while allowing for either fully automated control, or manual control for advanced users.  This intuitive user experience will give every user confidence.

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We have put our decades of experience in operating dilution refrigerators into our fully-automated gas handling system, making it the most simple and error-free on the market.


Designed with the end-user in mind, our fridges are easy to button up for a cool-down, or warm up to swap samples.


Dilution refrigerators need not be room-sized behemoths. With a compact footprint, our fridges will not take up valuable space in your lab or facility.

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