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Model I

The Zero Point Cryogenics "Model I" for Inverted is the first cryogen-free dilution refrigerator designed to fit into any lab space, with a compact footprint and tabletop design. Model I's top-loading design allows for easy sample access and rapid experiment turnaround times.

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Model Highlights


A compact total footprint of 1.8 square meters and customizable, designed to fit any lab space. 

Fast Cool-Down

Designed to be capable of exceeding expectations, the Model I takes 24 hours to reach 30 mK

Four-Year Warranty

Warranty is included on all parts and accessories manufactured by Zero Point Cryogenics

Model Highlights

Model Overview

The Model I is a complete rethinking of the traditional dilution refrigerator, designed at every stage to make operation simple and straightforward.  Samples can be exchanged rapidly from the top plate, or the fridge can be opened completely when rewiring is required.  With a cool-down time of less than 24 hours, rapid warm-up heaters installed standard, and reliable long-term operation, the Model I will keep your experiments running around the clock.  The compact footprint of the Model I will allow you to add a dilution refrigerator where you never thought possible, and the intuitive touchscreen control means you don't have to be a low-temperature expert to access mK temperatures.

Model Overview


Despite its compact size, the Model I performs as you would expect from a dilution refrigerator many times its size.  With a typical base temperature of 10 mK and cooling powers of 250 microW at 100 mK, the 150-mm-diameter mixing-chamber plate has more than enough performance for standard low-temperature experiments. With a cool-down time of fewer than 24 hours after rapid sample exchange, the Model I will soon be a workhorse in your lab.

Customization Options


We are happy to work with our customers to ensure each of their fridges meet their unique needs. Our team has extensive experience with:

  • Vibration isolation packages for experiments sensitive to vibration

  • Fiber-optics installed at a variety of wavelengths

  • Radio frequency (RF) cabling, suitable for superconducting resonators

  • DC wiring

  • Optical ports in multiple sizes or configurations

  • Fast warm-up heater installation


We build dilution refrigerators that exceed customer expectations, by being the most robust and durable systems on the market.  Contact us to discuss some of the proprietary ways we are making dilution refrigerators easier to use and more reliable.


Our products and services provide simplicity and quality that allows our customers to focus on their goals.  From touchscreen control and automatic operation, to simplified shield and OVC assembly, we take the guesswork out of low-temperature experiments.


With operations based out of Edmonton, Alberta, we provide North American craftsmanship to the world market.  Our experts are happy to discuss your cryogenic needs and come up with a design solution for your demanding experiments. 

ZPC Advantages

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Leave us a message about your needs by filling out the form below. Let us help fuel your innovation with our handcrafted cryogenic solutions.

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