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Model L

When large experiments - or extensive wiring - are required, the ZPC Model L (L for large) is the perfect solution. It is designed in every way to maximize coldtime and minimize user intervention. The standard configuration has three line-of-sight ISO63 feedthroughs designed for rapid mounting of large wiring harnesses, and an additional five KF40 line-of-sight feedthroughs, all of which can be fully customized to your needs. An extended-life cold trap integrated into the fridge eliminates the need for pesky monitoring and refilling of a liquid nitrogen cold trap, and our fully automated touchscreen gas-handling system can be remotely viewed and controlled for peace of mind. The Model L can also be upgraded to accommodate a cryogen-free magnet, magnetic shielding, or optical access. Ask us about other customizations as this is our expertise!

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Model Highlights

Compact Footprint

A compact footprint of 1.8 square meters and customizable, designed to fit any lab space. 

Fast Cool-Down

Designed to cool to 10 mK in 25 hours, with the option to reduce the mixing chamber plate size for a more rapid cool-down.

Extra Large Cold Plate

Run simultaneous experiments on the Model L's extra large 340 mm cold plate.

Model Highlights
Full_Chandelier - Model L Dilution Refrigerator

Model Overview

The ZPC "Model L" for Large is designed for commercial use with an extra large mixing chamber plate creating room for extensive experiments at the coldest stages, while ensuring easy installation and simple operation. Our solutions are completely scalable and optimized to grow with your facility. As the number of cryogen-free dilution refrigerators in a lab or data center increases, the Model L's compact design, automated functionality and remote capabilities allow for multiple fridges to be operated by a limited staff. 

Model Overview


  • Extra large 340 mm diameter base plate

  • Expected base temperature of 10 mK

  • Cooling power of 250 µW at 100 mK with the option to upgrade to above 400 µW at 100 mK

  • Fabricated from gold-plated OFHC copper and stainless steel and designed to last a lifetime

  • Extended-life cryogen-free cold trap mounted on the 45 K plate

  • Intuitive touchscreen display

  • Compact gas handling system featuring automated, manual, and maintenance modes

  • Oil-free pumps and compressors in the mixture circulation system


Customization Options

​We are happy to work with our customers to ensure each of their fridges meet their unique needs. Our team has extensive experience with:

  • Vibration isolation packages for experiments sensitive to vibration

  • Fiber-optics can be installed at a variety of wavelengths

  • Radio frequency (RF) cabling, suitable for superconducting resonators for example

  • DC wiring

  • Optical ports available in multiple sizes or configurations.

  • Fast warm-up heater installation

  • Add optical windows and/or integrate with an optical table

Customzation Options


We build dilution refrigerators that exceed customer expectations, by being the most robust and durable systems on the market.  Contact us to discuss some of the proprietary ways we are making dilution refrigerators easier to use and more reliable.


Our products and services provide simplicity and quality that allows our customers to focus on their goals.  From touchscreen control and automatic operation, to simplified shield and OVC assembly, we take the guesswork out of low-temperature experiments.


With operations based out of Edmonton, Alberta, we provide North American craftsmanship to the world market.  Our experts are happy to discuss your cryogenic needs and come up with a design solution for your demanding experiments. 

ZPC Advantages

Contact Our Team

Leave us a message or book a call with us today about your needs. Let us help fuel your innovation with our handcrafted cryogenic products.

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