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Introducing the Zero Point Cryogenics Model I Cryogen-free Dilution Refrigerator

Updated: Mar 1

Driven by a desire to make the world’s best cryogen-free dilution refrigerators, Zero Point Cryogenics has worked for the past three years to develop and optimize the Model I. The Model I, where “I” stands for “inverted”, is unlike any other dilution refrigerator on the market. With the mixing chamber plate accessible from the top, and the entire fridge so compact that it fits nicely on any benchtop or optical table, we have made a truly table-top dilution refrigerator. Combined with our revolutionary gas-handling system, which is simultaneously compact and user-friendly, the Model I will take your experiments to another level.

Zero Point Cryogenics' Model I
Zero Point Cryogenics' Model I

Our dilution refrigerators stand apart on three distinct fronts:


We have taken our decades of experience operating and maintaining dilution refrigerators and have encoded this into the fully-automatic operation of the Model I. With the push of a single button on our unique touchscreen display the system cools to base temperature, removing all of the headache of running a fridge. Now, even the least experienced member of the lab can perform mK experiments from day one.


Historically, dilution refrigerators have not been reliable and have required expertise to operate and maintain. At Zero Point Cryogenics, we have made robust and reliable manufacturing our top priority, and have inserted Canadian craftsmanship into every detail of the system. From industrial grade control systems to precision welding and all-metal seals, we make sure that the fridge you buy today runs for years without incident. As our motto says, we are all about “Colder for Longer”.


Do your existing dilution refrigerators take up too much room in your laboratory? We believe that a cryogen-free fridge should fit into any lab, and never require a custom lab layout or expensive and time-consuming renovations. The Model I has both a compact gas-handling system and a compact dilution unit, meaning the Model I is perfectly suited to a wide variety of research labs and commercial spaces that often cannot accommodate a bulky dilution refrigerator. The Model I’s inverted design is also perfect for mounting on an optical table and integrating into your optics experiments. Ask us about our optical-access and fiber optic upgrades. The Model I is an example that sometimes, smaller is better.

We are confident that you will love our fridges as much as we do, and we back this up with lifetime guarantees on every component manufactured by ZPC. From quantum technology to academic research, we are ready to exceed your expectations and help fuel your innovations.

Zero Point Cryogenics – Colder for longer.

Interested in a Model I? Contact our dedicated experts today for any inquiries you may have.


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