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Zero Point Cryogenics: Winner of Alberta Science and Technology Award with Distinction

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Zero Point Cryogenics is honoured to share that the organization has been awarded Alberta’s ‘Early Adopter of Alberta Technology with Distinction Award’. This prestigious award recognizes Alberta innovators who have demonstrated early success in the commercialization of made-in-Alberta technology for national and international applications. It is thanks to our talented and passionate employees and our early adopter customers that we were nominated as a finalist and ultimately won the award with distinction in this category. Zero Point Cryogenics gives further thanks to the company’s generous funders and both the academic and technology communities for their ongoing support.

The Alberta Science and Technology (ASTech) Awards recognize and celebrate the brightest minds and greatest achievements of outstanding individuals and organizations in the Alberta science and technology innovation community. For 33 years, the ASTech Awards have worked towards a vision to inspire the next generation of innovators in industry, academia, and government. Hosted by Technology Alberta and held at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT)’s Productivity and Innovation Centre, the ASTech Awards Gala drew over 300 innovators from across the province to celebrate the nominees for 2022.

Receiving this award further drives and motivates the company’s founders and team to continue striving for excellence and exploring the art of the possible when it comes to ultra-low temperature technology. At Zero Point Cryogenics, providing the best solution to our customer’s needs comes first, from which innovation naturally stems.

Zero Point Cryogenics wishes to congratulate all of the other finalists and award recipients recognized at the Awards Gala on November 4, 2022.

Zero Point Cryogenics – Colder for longer.

Zero Point Cryogenics manufactures cryogenic equipment called dilution refrigerators, which are the primary low-temperature platform enabling quantum computing. The company is focused on designing robust and reliable dilution refrigerators to enable quantum technology research and innovation. ZPC is the only manufacturer of its kind in Canada and one of the few manufacturers of this technology in the world. The company is actively bridging the gap between customized and commercially scalable solutions, creating flexibility for quantum research and innovation while having the depth to scale. At Zero Point Cryogenics, we improve and iterate our designs based on customer optimization and are driven to build a product that stays colder for longer.

Contact our dedicated experts to discuss your cryogenic needs and visit our website to learn more at


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