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Advancing Quantum Innovation With Next-Gen Dilution Refrigerators - Zero Point Cryogenics

Updated: Jan 3

As the race to develop quantum technologies among nations and corporations is on, Zero Point Cryogenics helps businesses and researchers across the world working in the quantum computing space transform their technology into great products by using the most cutting-edge and easy-to-use dilution refrigerators.

Quantum computing is well on-course to revolutionize the world, and have as much as, if not a bigger impact than technologies like 5G, blockchain, and artificial intelligence. Most quantum computing architectures require operation at ultra-cold temperatures near absolute zero (0 kelvin), where quantum mechanics reigns. That is where Zero Point Cryogenics' next-gen dilution refrigerator technology is required.

Local Craftmanship For Global Needs

The brand story began in 2017, when Dr. John P. Davis, Professor of Physics at the University of Alberta established Zero Point Cryogenics as the culmination of more than two decades of ultra-low temperature research. For many years, Dr. Davis has been exploring the intricacies of the quantum realm of superfluids using dilution refrigerators, whilst teaching thermodynamics to generations of students. This experience has brought him an intimate knowledge in the operation of dilution refrigerators, while deeply ingraining the belief that there is still room for significant improvement in the products currently on the market. He believed he can amass a team to deliver a product that will outstrip the competition in terms of performance, reliability, and ease of use. With the growing demand for dilution refrigerators in quantum computing, along with the realization that the market was becoming dominated by a single player, Dr. Davis started Zero Point Cryogenics to manufacture the world’s best dilution refrigerator. To achieve this, we have brought together the best and most diverse minds. Our team has over 36 years of combined experience operating and building dilution refrigerators for low-temperature research, giving us demanding expectations for our fridges. As one team, we are driven to achieve colder for longer.

Advanced Technology For Quantum Advancement

After the past five years of research and development, Zero Point Cryogenics has perfected its technology and is now ready to unveil its ultra-low temperature dilution refrigerator measurement systems. With our first two products, the Model I and the Model L, we proudly introduce our robust and easy-to-use Canadian-made dilution refrigerators to the world market. Our systems are meticulously built with the aim to exceed expectations, allowing our customers to focus on their endeavours, equipped with cutting-edge technology. We define our success to be your success.

We are confident that you will love our fridges as much as we do, and back this up with lifetime guarantees on every component manufactured by ZPC. From quantum technology to academic research, we are ready to exceed your expectations and help fuel your innovations.

Zero Point Cryogenics – Colder for longer.

Interested in what we have to offer? Contact our dedicated experts today for any inquiries you may have.


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