Cryogen-Free Dilution Refrigerators for Quantum Technologies

Simplicity and quality that allows our customers to focus on their quantum goals


Providing North American craftsmanship 
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Zero Point Cryogenics is the only Canadian manufacturer specializing in hand-crafted dilution refrigerators and cryogenic equipment. Zero Point Cryogenics' reliable and compact solutions satisfy space, size, and operation requirements for quantum computing industry partners and academic research. Zero Point Cryogenics is led by Dr. John P. Davis, a high-profile professor and researcher in the field of low-temperature physics and recipient of multiple international awards, whose vision is to improve the size and operability of dilution refrigerators. Through innovation, Zero Point Cryogenics has improved the ease of use, reliability, and footprint of dilution refrigerators with a mission to enable industry and researchers to advance quantum technology.

Next-Gen Design,

Cutting-Edge Technology

Zero Point Cryogenics is pleased to introduce two products to the world market, the Model I and the Model L; robust and easy-to-use North American-made dilution refrigerators. With over 25 years of combined experience operating and building dilution refrigerators for low-temperature research, the Zero Point Cryogenics team produces dilution fridges that meet the highest of expectations, improving the standards of the systems through innovation. Backed by an extended warranty on every component manufactured by us, customers can focus on developing their quantum technologies, instead of operating their fridges.


We have put our decades of experience in operating dilution refrigerators into our fully-automated gas handling system, making it the most simple and error-free on the market.


Touchscreen control displays the system specs while allowing for either fully automated control, or manual control for advanced users.  This intuitive user experience will give every user confidence.


Designed with the end-user in mind, our fridges are easy to button up for a cool-down, or warm up to swap samples.


Dilution refrigerators need not be room-sized behemoths. With a compact footprint, our fridges will not take up valuable space in your lab or facility.


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