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Established in 2017, Zero Point Cryogenics is the culmination of more than two decades of ultra-low temperature research by Dr. John P. Davis. For many years Dr. Davis has been exploring the intricacies of the quantum realm of superfluids using dilution refrigerators and teaching generations of students thermodynamics. This experience has brought Dr. Davis an intimate knowledge in the operation of dilution refrigerators, while deeply ingraining the belief that he can amass a team that can bring a better dilution refrigerator to the market.

With the growing demand for the technology of dilution refrigerators in quantum computing, along with the realization that the market was becoming dominated by a single player, Dr. Davis started Zero Point Cryogenics to manufacture the world’s best dilution refrigerator. Zero Point Cryogenics’ dilution refrigerators are built to last for decades with smooth and easy use by customers, allowing them to focus on their research and business. The success of Zero Point Cryogenics will not only be a success for the low-temperature physics community but also for Alberta.


Innovating, One Part At A Time

Our purpose is to assist the advancement of quantum computing

At Zero Point Cryogenics, we are in continuous pursuit of innovation as we anticipate the industry demand and manufacture quality products that can exceed our customers' expectations. Our customers' ease of use and satisfaction are the keys to our success.

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We Craft Your Dilution Refrigerators

At Zero Point Cryogenics, our customer experience are always prioritized and is reflected through our user-friendly product design and quality production.


Our dilution refrigerators are built to exceed customer expectations, by being the most robust and durable systems on the market.

Customer Focused

We focus on providing simplicity and quality in our products and services to enable our customers to focus on their goals.

Made in Canada

We provide North American craftmanship to the global market.


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